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Get information from a GeoTiff with TQL

edited August 19 in Data

Hi, I'd like to use a panel to get some information out off a Geo Tiff. So, what I've done, I used the Overlay option to add Geo Tiff. Now the GeoTiff is visiable as an overlay. And now I'd like to use a TQL to get the specific information.

When I have a GeoJSON I load is as an Area. Then I use the command:

I would like to do the same for the GEO Tiff. So I was thinking:

But this obviously doesn't work. Can you help?



  • Your first query returns the value of SOIL_TYPE for a specific (or in case of an X: all) area(s). For discrete polygons (such as areas coming from a geoJSON) which each have a singular value, that is obviously possible.

    However, when dealing with grids, such as from a geoTIFF, the situation differs. There isn't a single "thing" with a specific value you can query. So instead, you need to reframe your question. For example: "what is the average SOIL_TYPE value within a given area's polygon?", or "how much surface area has a specific soil type?".

    To answer these (reframed) questions, please take a quick look at our examples for TQL statements on our wiki:

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