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Generate session token automatically

Is it possible to generate a session token from code? Or do I always need to open the platform interface to retrieve a token? At the moment I've got to replace the token manually in my FME workspace every time I start working with the API.



  • Hi!

    coincidentally, just yesterday we've had an online webinar about the upcoming release, and part of what we presented was our now available pythonSDK for tygron. One of the primary basic examples included is a script which demonstrates how to start a session and obtain the api token associated with it. In FME, it is possible to add a PythonCaller transformer, in which the sdk can be imported and used to start a session.

    The PythonSDK can be found here:

    It is also possible to create your own calls which interact with the Tygron API. For more information on how to communicate with the API directly, I recommend reading through the available API tutorial, with the "Sessions" chapter in particular.

    The API tutorial, and specifically the "Sessions" chapter, can be found here:

    Finally, depending on your use case you may find it easier to place your session in Keep Alive mode, so that the API token does not change. For more information on Keep Alive mode, see our documentation here:

    Also, please check out my earlier forum tip regarding FME, in which I've set up a simple workspace in which the api token is a separate user-parameter, which may make it easier to input it when appropriate.

    The forum post with the FME example can be found here:

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