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Correctly configuring floors when importing data

The Tygron Platform allows you to import your own geo data through the Geo Import Wizard, enriching your project with your own Constructions, Neighborhoods, Areas, and more. The polygons, attributes, and in the cases of Constructions or Terrains special mappings all allow you to get the data in your project exactly how you want it.

However, when importing Constructions, you may have noticed there is no explicit option to configure the amount of floors of the Constructions you import, forcing you to either use the default amount of floors of the Function Type you assign to it, create your own Function Types to differentiate between different amounts of floors, or manually rectify the construction heights.

We now have an excel available, which creates a Panel for you which can set the amount of floors properly, post-import.

Add an Excel Panel to your project, upload the attached Excel to it, open it, and press the button. A script will run which looks at all Constructions, checks whether they have a "FLOORS" attribute, and then modifies the Constructions appropriately. Specifically, it will set the "MIN-FLOORS" and "MAX-FLOORS" attributes to the amount set in the "FLOORS" attribute, and then set the amount of floors of each section of that Construction to that same amount.

So when you import your own Constructions, import them with a FLOORS attribute, with as value the amount of floors the construction should have. Then click the button in the Panel, and watch as the Constructions you imported are adjusted appropriately!

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