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Groundwater level goes up during drought, why and how?

Hello Everyone,

For my project I am trying to visualize Drought in Tygron with no precipitation concerning weather in the configuration wizard. However my groundwater level seems to go up instead of down. It is seen on the pictures I attached to this quesiton with a amount of 0.02m- NAP which is very unusal to the normal 10m+NAP This could be due to that the soil in a city is indicated as 'unknown' and thereby the infiltration could be misintrepted, but I am not sure if this is the reason and how to fix this. Does anyone why this groundwater level goes up and not down? And what I can do to get more realistic results?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


groundwater up instead of down.JPG
1911 x 1018 - 272K
Groundwater level quite low especially compared to the usual average of 10-11 mNAP.JPG
1908 x 1010 - 277K


  • Hi Benthe, thank you for your question! What is the name of your project and is is available for support? Than we can take a look at it.


    Tygron Support Team

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