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Selecting the storage in buildings

Hi support,

I've created a couple of new building types with storage. One of them, for example, is a road with storage crates for stormwater. I've also created an overlay with a rain event.

Now, after the rain event I'd like to know how much water is in my crates.

I'm pretty sure Tygron is calculating it, since it does show in my Water Balance. After the rain event, there is now a certain amount of storage in my buildings. But the big question is, how do I make a TQL for my panel to show this in my panel. And off course I'd prefer to know it per building type. So, I'd like to know it for my road with storage crates, but also for my bicycle path with storage crates.



  • Hey Ward,

    unfortunately, at this time the used storage capacity of constructions is not accessible using TQL. Indeed the water balance is currently the only way of accessing this information.

    Could you provide more information on the context of this question? Perhaps there are other ways to create a trackable form of water storage, depending on what you're after exactly.

    Kind regards,


  • Hey Rudolf,
    The context, yes. I am making a panel with a water balance for different locations (area's) in my project. I'd like to show the effect of certain measures taken in these different locations on the water balance. So in effect, I'd like to list all the different measures (road with storage, roof with vegetation, ect.) and the storage after a rain event in one panel. The reason why this is interesting has to do with the "landelijke afvoernorm" (national drainage standard?) for water boards. Water boards must take this into account when designing an area.
  • Hey Ward,

    though we do support a water balance for the entire area, and allow for the retrieval of information per aggregate location, I currently do not have method for you to retrieve the used water storage per aggregate location.

    However, a workaround might be to create a sewer area, per Area, separate from your "normal" sewer areas. These would be modeled without a sewer overflow, would have a finely tuned SEWER_STORAGE, and be placed under the structures which you wish to apply your storage to. You would then also set those structures to be "sewered" so that water will flow not into the storage, but into a separate sewer. You can then use the "sewer last value" result type to find the amount of (sewer) storage that was used.

    I will make a note internally that the water storage is currently a blind spot in terms of results. However, at this time I cannot make any guarantees on where on the roadmap this will be implemented. For now I recommend you explore whether the workaround stated above will help you sufficiently.

    Sprawling spreadsheets so intricate Alexander the Great cuts them in half.

  • Hey Rudolf,

    Thank you. It is a nice woraround, however, it does create some extra work and we would like to use the measures in this case. But thank you anyway!

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