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Include a measure within the zoning plan

Dear all,

Jinshuo and I are trying to include some development plans named as Plan A and B into a zoning plan. I have done the zoning plan by permitting contemporary flats letting the players draw freely the amount of housing they want (that works). The thing is that what we want to realize is that the players ask for permissions (developer to municipality) whenever they want to realize one of these two plans defined as measures.
I have investigated a bit within measures and I would like to know whether these two following options could work out:
a)Going to measures<events<client events<"CHANGE_ZONING_PERMISSION".
b)Event list and then define when this measure should be activated (measure construction planned, measure construction cancelled, measures construction started and measure constructed finished).

Thanks in advance,



  • Hi Roberto, perhaps you can try the following:

    When creating a measure, in the right panel you can find an option "Requires confirmation before execution". This option should be enabled for every measure. Now the measure will have to be approved before it can be applied.

    does this help?

    Tygron Support Team

  • It helped. We got a problem with our project, now we can go further.


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