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Dynamic Weir

Hello Tygron support,

Normally river weirs consist of a dynamic weir, from which the threshold value is lower during high water conditions and higher during low water conditions. I am wondering if it is possible to make a dynamic weir from which it is possible to change the threshold value dependent to the upstream water level during a simulation?

I know it is possible to insert a csv to make the weir dynamic over time, but the threshold value of the weir should not be depedent on time, but on the upstream water level. However, inserting a csv, to make the threshold value dynamic over time, gives an error saying my previous time step is higher in row 2. How is this possible since my time/threshold [hour/meter] file looks like this:

0 6,9

12 6,9

24 9,1

36 9,1





  • Hi Raymond,

    It is currently not possible to make a dynamic weir in where the threshold value is dependent on the water level. This would be a feature request. If there is an update about this, I will let you know.

    Can you share the CSV file so I can have a look?

    Tygron support team

  • Hallo Godelief,

    I saved the file in .xlsx otherwise I cannot send the file, so it still need to be converted to .csv


  • Hi Raymond,

    Thank you for the file! I can't reproduce the issue. When I upload the file in the Water Overlay Wizard, I don't get an error.

    Can you send a screenshot of the error message and which steps do you take to import the CSV file?

    Tygron support team

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