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2. Be kind to other users!

How to ask a question on the forum


If you believe the issue you are running into is a bug, rather than a question. Please use
Freshdesk to report it instead.

1. Search

Before posting a question you should do a preliminary search on the forum and our wiki
If an answer to your question already exists it’ll save you a bunch of time!

If your research brought no avail here is some advise to write a good question.

2. Clear and concise titles

With a clear and concise title people will be more inclined to take a look at your question. A question titled “Problem” is not very clear. Whereas “Failed to import buildings from geojson” is a lot more descriptive.

3. Keep your post to one question

Try and keep your post to a single question. This will make it easier for others to search for these posts. Also others are more likely to answer a single question rather than a list of them.

4. Be descriptive

Post the full error message. try not to paraphrase the error message but quote or attach a screenshot of the actual error message if you can. Write a summary of steps you’ve taken to arrive to your issue.

- Add Empty area
- Save new attribute X with value Y
- Execute TQL Query: “XYZ”
Here I get the error message.

5. File attachments

If your problem has to do with input or output files please attach those to your post.
Do they contain data you wouldn’t like to publicly post, Create dummy files, which in file content match the structure of your real file. Do verify that with the dummy files you are running into the same problems.

6. Courtesy

After you’ve posted your question you saw the light and the solution it was before your eyes the whole time! Be courteous and please share the solution with the rest of us in your post. This will help people in the future running into the same issue.

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