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Actions Logs

Is it possible to highlight the contruction when you click one of the actions in de action log?


  • Hey Lee,

    currently, when you click on one of the actions in the action log the camera is moved to the geographical area of the action (if the action is spatial). Can you clarify why you would like a further highlighting?

    Sprawling spreadsheets so intricate Alexander the Great cuts them in half.

  • Hi Rudolf,

    During one of the game-sessions that I lead at Den Bosch, some of the players were a bit confused when the used the action log. The camera goes to the area of the action, but it can be confusing when a other player then yourself carried out that action.

    Therefore a few players asked if it is possible to highlight when the camera moves to the area of the action.

  • Hi Lee,

    Thank you for clarify this with some additional information.

    This is not something we can do now and I don't think this will be developed in the near future. If this is something you Experience more often please let us know so we can document it and maybe develop this afterall as a feature request.

    Kind regards,


    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Hi Hansje,

    Thanks for your answer I'll inform Den Bosch.



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