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Select Elevation Grid Overlay in Future Design

Hi support,

Is it possible to use the event Select Elevation Grid Overlay (of set height overlay) in the Future Design?

I've just created a new Grid Elevation Overlay, and I would like to change the height model (in other words use it as a measure) in the Future Design.

Is this possible?


  • Hi Ward,

    the functionality of applying a grid overlay to the height map is intended for use at editing time, and not during a session. The option does not exist during a non-editor session, and is disabled during a test-run. Attempting to use the event may therefor result in an error due to the event not existing, or may cause unintended side-effects to the session- or project data.

    As part of a measure, there are options to add a SPATIAL, which can allow for the modification of terrain height. And depending on the calculation model used, it may also be possible to take a height map change into account without actually modifying the height map. For example, the Water Overlay now explicitly supports the use of a height map Prequel, which can be any Grid Overlay and thus allows for great flexibility even during sessions. More information on that Prequel can be found here:

    Would either of these (Measure Spatials or Prequel Overlays) be an option for you?



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