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Template settings using API


I was wondering how i can select an template that already exists using the API call when creating an project. So I have found this route API tutorial - Tygron Support wiki which uses an saveprojectas call. However this gives me certain problems when I try to create multiple project in batches. It would be way easier if i could just choose one of the existing overlays just like in the dropdown when you create a project in Tygron itself. Any idea if there is an api call for that or that will be introduced soon?

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  • Hey there,

    the Tygron Client Application is the user-friendly, graphical interface which is aimed at presenting the options in an as structured way as possible to match the user flow. Although we develop our software in such a way that "everything you can do in the client, you can do via the API", it does sometimes means that a single operation in the client application actually encapsulates one or more other interactions. This is the case when using Templates to create new Projects as well. When you select a Template in the client application, the backend call is actually the SAVE-PROJECT-AS event, with the parameter set to clear the new copy of the Project of all geographical data. This allows you to then set a new location for that new Project, which results in all of the calculation models of the original Project being placed on a new location.

    Can you give a bit more information about what your use-case is? You state you run into an issue as you wish to create projects in batches, which should be eminently possible when interacting with the Platform via the API. It's likely there is some aspect in the current flow of interactions which requires a bit more configuration to function correctly.


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