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remove complete area within map


Is it possible to place a shapefile (or draw an area) and remove everything that is under that area? We want to try to create an entirely new area with everything demolished, BUT we want to have the surroundings (train station nearby, data on traffic density etc.

Kind regards


  • Hello,

    You can best draw in an area for the area you want to clear. Export the area as GeoJSON, then use that file as shape to FLATTEN the terrain. This will remove all constructions and terrains, and flattens the height of the area.

    See also:

    I hope this helps.



  • Hey there,

    I'd like to elaborate a little bit to provide a few more options.

    So depending on your intent, you can either want to clear an area in the Current Situation, or as a basis for a Future Design.

    To start ensure you have a definition of the area you wish to clear. Preferably as an GeoJSON or similar file. You can easily make one by drawing a single Area for the intented location and exporting it.

    For the Current Situation:

    1. You can import that file using the Geo Import wizard, as a Building.
    2. After the import concludes, the Building will replace any pre-existing Buildings in the same location.
    3. Finally, you can delete that Building to be left with an empty area.

    For the Future Design:

    1. You can use that file to create or enhance a Measure to FLATTEN an area as part of the future plan.
    2. Create a new Measure, or select a pre-exisitng Measure.
    3. Add a "Terrain" to the Measure.
    4. Set that "Terrain" to FLATTEN, and to the desired terrain type (generally, "Open land" is the preferred default).
    5. Click on "Draw area" to open the brush panel.
    6. As brush type, select "blueprint". Then click on "from wizard".
    7. Using the wizard window that opens, import the geo data file defining the area to be flattened. This will define the selection for the brish panel.
    8. Then click on "Apply selection" to store the selection as the Measure's Terrain effect.

    Now, when this measure is activated, it will FLATTEN the indicated area, removing Buildings there in the process. The Measure can be further detailed by adding an actual future plan of Buildings as well.

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