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Distance not calculated in some areas (using distance overlay)


I am using the distance overlay to calculate the distance to several areas, but some areas the distance is not calculated. My steps are:

  1. add areas with certain attribute (see area.png for one of the areas)
  2. add traversable grid overlay (see traversable_grid.png)
  3. add travel distance overlay with settings: max travel distance = 150 m; distance to road = 50 m; traffic types = cars, bicycles,pedestrians; traversable grid = grid overlay from step 2
  4. calculate distance (see travel_distance.png)

the result is then only the distance to road (50 m). It doesn't calculate the travel distance correctly, while the rsulting area is overlapping the traversable grid.

Most areas in my project are calculated correctly, but there are some that have the same problem as described in this post. How can I fix this?

Kind regards,


802 x 702 - 1M
778 x 552 - 759K
550 x 617 - 565K


  • I think I found the cause of the error: if an area does not lie in the travel distance grid, it is considered unreachable. I thought this was covered by the maximum distance to road setting. What does this setting do?

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