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Groundwater pump for lignite mining around river Erft (Germany)


We are a group of students working on learning Tygron from AVANS hogeschool. We want to work on a case study regarding monitoring river restorations on the river Erft in Germany.

Near this river, lignite mining occurs; for this mining to be possible, groundwater needs to be pumped out and directed to the river Erft.

We want to model what will happen to the restoration sites along the river when the groundwater pumps are put out of commission and what effect this has on the river.

Now, our main question is: is it possible to obtain the data on 

- Does the program have access to the data of the groundwater pumps of the lignite mining areas?

- If so, what is the reach of these pumps? if we change variables in these pumps, will we see effects up and downstream of the river?

- If not, do you have any suggestions for modeling this situation?

Thank you very much in advance, and we hope you can help us!

With kind regards,

Alexander Ji & the rest of the group :)


  • Hi Alex, thank you for your question, sounds like an interesting project!

    A list of Tygron's data sources can be found here:

    Any data that is not available directly in your project can be added yourself by using our geodata import wizard: Geo Data Wizard - Tygron Support wiki

    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with specific datasets for your purpose.

    Perhaps someone else in the community is?

    Good luck with your project,


    Tygron Support Team

  • Thank you for your reply Hedi,

    We will dive into the sources, thanks for your help anyhow :)

    With kind regards,


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