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Sources API call

In the sources list there's a usefull parameter named "references". This indicates how often it is used in your project.

I however can't find this references as an output value of the API call in "".

All I can see are these:

Is it possible to find those references somewhere using the API?

Easy application: All files that have their references at "0" are currently effectively not part of any existing element in the Tygron project. Is this correct?

If so it would be a great way to help clean up data sources in your project and make sure the you have a clear picture where currently existing data came from.


  • The exact same question goes for Geotiffs. Is there a way to get this information from the API:

    The API only gives me:

  • Hi Len,

    these references are counted on-the-fly whenever these overviews are opened. This is the same for the used sources as well as for the references to assets such as tiffs and excels.

    To replicate this counting behavior, you can create your own scripted function which can check which items refer to which assets and count the occurences of specific source- or asset ids. This same function could then also easily be leveraged to create the "where did my data come from" overview.

    In the Tygron client application, we do want to offer our users the ability to see in a single overview also the sources which are known but not (or no longer) actively used, so we do also include the results for sources with 0 ocurrences. However, please feel free to add a request for this option to our idea board:

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