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Demo of the 3-30-300 guidelines

With a livable, healthy, and green urban environment being one of the prime topics of today's policy making, the 3-30-300 guidelines have become an oft-requested topic. To facilitate in bridging the gap between these guidelines and the calculation options the Tygron Platform provides, we have created a 3-30-300 Demo Project.

Currently, the Project is only available on our Preview server and therefor only accessible for our partners. This is due to improvements which will be part of our upcoming release which increase the accuracy of some parts of the requisite calculations. However, as is usual with our Demo Projects, a full description of the Project can be found on our documentation wiki:

This description includes references to the original guidelines, the intent of the selected implementation, as well as specifically written how-to's for the individual rules and supporting calculations. We hope that these implementations and descriptions will serve to help you include the 3-30-300 guidelines in your own Projects, or to serve as a strong inspiration for your own implementation!

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