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Future plan in Combo Overlay

A question we're seeing more and more is about how to both load in static data, but also account for changes by implementing future designs. This is of course possible, provided that some method exists to compute a future situation.

Ideally, both the current situation and the future design are computed by the same calculation model, so the results are 1-on-1 comparable. But for some cases, a hybrid solution where some places have highly accurate static data, and other places have recalculated results which may be a bit more of an estimation, are acceptable.

Using Combo Overlays, Average Overlays, and the other built-in calculation Grid Overlays, it is easy to have Overlays of static data alongside Overlays of dynamically recalculated data. The question then becomes how to merge the two. For this, you need to know where to merge the data geographically. Which places should retain the static data, and which places should show dynamically calculated results.

You can create an Excel file with the following query:


And have it continuously set to a value of 1.

Upload that Excel file to a Single Excel Panel in your Project.

The result is that all new buildings will have a FUTURE_PLAN attribute. This will work for manually drawn buildings as well as for buildings enacted via measures. An Average Overlay can be used to spatially show where the FUTURE-PLAN attribute exists.

Finally, a Combo Overlay can be used to look at that Average Overlay which highlights where a future plan is effected, and based on whether that is or is not the case in a specific place, show either the static of the dynamic data. Configure it as follows:

Input A: Your static data Overlay

Input B: Your dynamic data Overlay

Input C: Your future plan indication Overlay

Formula: IF(GT(C,0),B,A)



  • As a handy addendum to this idea, here is the simple but generically applicable excel. You can add it to your own project as follows:

    Current Situation -> Panels

    Add a Single Excel Panel (not a Template Excel Panel)

    For the Excel sheet, upload the future-plan-updater.xlsx found here.

    That's it! Now every Building which is newly added as a Future Design will have a FUTURE_PLAN Attribute you can use in your Overlays.

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