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When using the Waterwijzer Landbouw I get a warning :

"Unknown BOFEK-ID. It will not be identified by the waterwijzer"

The WWL overlay does provide me with a result but since the soils are not taken into account I don’t consider it reliable.

Is this a bug? Or should I use another version of the BOFEK?




  • Hello @Jeroen Helder ,

    Can you please provide a bit more info? Which steps did you perform? What did you select in the wizard? What did you use for the DEM for example?



  • edited April 12

    Dear @vincent.rd ,

    I used a set of tiffs for groundwater GLG and GHG , and all other info is standard tygron template.

    I hope the DEM does not influence a warning about a BOFEK ID that is stored in the terrains , underground

    the wizard asks for groundwater depth, so the DEM (standard AHN data) is not used in the WWL calculation?

  • Hello @Jeroen Helder ,

    Apologies, I meant Groundwater, not DEM. Can you share the TIFFS by any chance, so that I can try to reproduce the message?



  • HI @vincent.rd ,

    mm, I get an error 500 when I try to attach them (zipped) to this post, I put them on a transferlink



  • Hello @Jeroen Helder ,

    Did you change anything on the default values of the underground terrain types? I just added the WWL overlay with your TIFF files, and all seems to work on my end with default values. Is Auto-calculate turned off by any change, and the water-module pending a recalculation?



  • edited May 16

    Hello Vincent, see above screenshot, this is from the default underground terrains with all undergrounds the warning stays visible. the error/warning is not in the calculation but in the data.

    The default bofek ID's (4 digits) are bofek2020 which is not the correct ID's for the implemented version of WWL (3digits) bofek 2012.

    So I guess this is a request to update WWL to the current version that works with bofek 2020 :)

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