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Use the DXF exporter as a starting point voor urban plans

edited April 2023 in Ideas/suggestions

As from the beginning of April 2023 we have a DXF exporter available that allows exporting polygons, colors and categories including geo-location. This can serve as a starting point for urban plans.

The benefits of this aproach are:

  • Objects like buildings and roads will be exported to the DXF file so that the user has a context of his surroundings in AutoCAD.
  • The DXF file is geo-referenced to the project CRS.
  • AutoCAD layers are automatically generated based on the Geo Plugin used in Tygron so that when importing the design back to Tygron, the layers will match the Tygron Functions, and the AutoCAD design is shown directly in 3D and its properties can be used for calculations in Tygron.

Watch the tutorial on how to do this here:

Tygron Support Team

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