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Publish to geoshare using API

I know that there are API calls to allow you to publish (export) data from your project to GeoShare. I however can't find the location or naming of these API calls. Where can I find these? I've been going through the various API parts but can't seem to find it. Neither within the project sessions nor the general API location where the GeoShare data endpoint can be found (no GeoShare events though).


  • Hi Len,

    The base API events offer 3 types of events: IO (for projects and session), User (for users and domains), and Share (for files on your GeoShare environment). You will find the desired functionalities there:


  • Hi Rudolf,

    Unfortunatly this is not exactly what I mean. I found these and they indeed are the calls to configure your geoshare environment and data already in there. What this does not include (or does not provide any documentation for) is the specifc "from project to geoshare" action. So the export button in you project and then the publish to geoshare.

    Looking at the calls I might expect that filling in and endpoints as a path with the correct type might work. Such as this example:

    and then Geotiff type.

    Same would apply for this geojson example:

    Both stat that the directory paths are missing.

    So how do I get a file from a Tygron session (be it building, area, overlay, indicator) directly to GeoShare using the API? (indirect via download to local drive and then publish back does not work for this use case)

  • Hi Len,

    although there is not a from-project-to-geoshare event, there are events for adding data to the GeoShare using the API share endpoint indicated previously. The endpoint also includes the following events:

    • Add, which allows you to send bytes directly to the geoshare to add data to the geoshare
    • Update, which does the same but for a file which already exists on the share
    • Add-url, which allows you to provide a url, which the platform/geoshare will then reach out to and download data from.

    This last option, add-url, can be used to fulfill your desired operation. From your session, access the geotiff endpoint and obtain the link to the geotiff file. The link which, if you paste it in the browser, would start the download of the file. Use that url as the url parameter in the add-url event.

  • Great! I'm going to try this. Sounds like it's exactly what I'm searching for. I guess this is also how the actual Tygron client "save to geoshare" actually works in the background. Thank you!

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