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Create areas based on zoning plan

I'd like to create areas (or a grid) based on the zoning plan (for e.g. wonen, agrarisch, horeca) such that at every location within the project area there's a function (bestemming uit bestemmingsplan) present. However, the zoning plan doesn't seem to have a specific attribute which makes is possible to create these areas (or grid).

Is there a way that I can assign a unique value to the different zones in my project area, according to the zoning plan (bestemmingsplan)?



  • Hi Willeke,

    it is possible to modify individual zones in a zoning plan by going to Current Situation -> Administrative -> Show zoning plan, and then selecting the desired zoning item. They have attributes which you can add to, as you can with most of a Project's Items.

    Some Zones also feature a list of allowed categories. However, this list of Categories is not accessible in the same way as Attributes are.

    Additionally, at this time it is not possible to point an Average Overlay at the Zoning data, which is the usual starting point for adding vector information to grids.

    In general, you have the following options. You can manually export the Zoning plan as a geojson file, and re-import it as Areas. This way, all polygon and Attribute information from the zoning plan will become accessible. However, the list of categories will not be transferred, as these are not Attributes of the Zoning Plan. Alternatively, you can access the Zoning data via the API and, using your own script, create or modify the appropriate Areas in your Project with Attributes relating information about allowed categories to appropriate Attributes of your own choosing.

    Will any of these options work for you?


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