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Conditionally include Grid Information in a Combo Overlay calculation

The Combo Overlay is one of the more powerful tools in the Tygron Platform. It's easy to include more and more data in the relevant calculations. However, sometimes you may want to make broad changes to how or what a Combo Overlay calculates based on some other state in the Tygron Platform, such as a measure being active or an excel computing a specific result.

In the formulas for Combo Overlays, you can include Globals as well. For example, if you have 2 heat stress overlays, calculating with a slightly different method or a slightly different input, and depending on an active policy you want to have a Combo Overlay compute cool places based on either one of the overlays or of both, you can create a formula such as the following:


With the following inputs:

  • A: The first Heat Overlay
  • B: The second Heat Overlay
  • OTHER_POLICY: A Global which can be set by event or by UPDATE statement

This means that some calculated temperature is checked to be below 40 degrees. But the method for that temperature being calculated and checked depends on whether the OTHER_POLICY global is set to 1 or 0.

Using this mechanism, you can also conditionally include datasets. A formula fragment of the following form will do the trick:


Experiment with this functionality, and expand your calculation models as you see fit!

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