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API call for heat stress settings

Through the API I can set the new "DATES" as a UNIX millisecond time attribute. But using the API, all I'm doing is specifically changing those values. None of the other values are changed.

Within the heatstress wizard after selecting the date Tygron automatically calculates the "SUNALTITUDE", "SUNAZIMUTH", "SUNDAILYMOTION" when you press next. What is the API call to activate this new recalculation of these values.


  • Hi Len,

    currently the functionality of calculating the sun's angle, azimuth, and daily motion, is part of the client application. This means there is no option in the API to have these recalculate specifically based on your projects location and time data. Instead, the client application performs this calculations and sends these calculated values to the Tygron API.

    We are aware of multiple users requesting this functionality, and for the long term we are looking into whether this feature can be integrated into the API for scripting purposes.

    In the intermediate time, it may be possible to find alternative libraries which can calculate the (relative) position and motion of the sun based on the same data, or to set up a function to estimate the appropriate values, depending on the geographic range of project on which you would like to apply this logic.


  • Hi Rudolf,

    Thank you for the quick response. This explains why I couldn't find it. I'll figure something out for the specific application at hand. Please let me know when / if this is going to be a server side solution. I'll be able to then integrate for this application as well.

    Kind regards!

  • We have added this possibility to our roadmap and it will become available in the LTS build of 2023!

    Tygron Support Team

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