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activate measures through API


How can I activate measures in my future design through the API?

I was able to set the action menu active through "../api/session/event/participant/actionmenuset_active/..", but i don't know how to apply the measures ("Pas toe"-button in the action menu, see screenshot).

Kind regards,




  • Hi Gijs,

    You found the participant events, which is indeed the right set of interactions. However, when only looking for the activation of measures, you do not need to work via the action menus. You can activate a measure directly using the MEASURE PLAN CONSTRUCTION event ( api/session/event/participant/measure_plan_construction ).

    The action menus are only for controlling what options are visually offered to an end-user using the Tygron Platform client. It is merely a list of options to explicitly offer up. But all measures can be activated at any time. You can do this directly from the editor as well via Future Design -> Measures -> [your measure] -> Activate Measure. This will in fact fire the same participant/measure-plan-construction event.


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