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Adding your own shade measures to heat stress calculations

The Tygron Platform includes a Heat Stress Module based on the DPRA heat stress report, which works well for computing the urban heat stress in pre-existing situations. However, the next intent in many cases is to look towards new and innovative solutions to reduce heat stress, generally by creating additional shade as a low-cost measure. However, due to the nature of how the calculation model has been formulated, such solutions are not inherently part of the way the model calculates.

Using the Prequel functionality, it is possible to effectively inject the consequences of your intended measures into the calculation, allowing you to affect the end results in an accountable way.

1 First, set up a Heat Stress Overlay, and set the result type to 'Foliage'. This Overlay will serve as a mechanism to have the Tygron Platform precompute a foliage map for you, if so desired.

2 Next, set up an Average Overlay, set the averaging distance to 0, and configure it to look for an attribute SHADE_EFFECT.

3 Then, add a measure or action which, when performed, affects that Average Overlay. This will make the Average Overlay mark the locations where additional shade is created.

4 Now, add a Combo Overlay, with the Foliage Overlay as input A, and the Average Overlay as input B. Set the formula to "IF(GT(A,0),A,IF(GT(B,0),10,0))". This means if there is foliage, it uses the foliage height. Else, if the measure has had a shade effect in that location, it will add a fictitious foliage deck at a height of 10 meters.

5 Add a second Heat Stress Overlay, and configure it to use the Combo Overlay as prequel for foliage. This Overlay will perform the actual calculations.

This setup will result in second Heat Stress Overlay using the built-in functionality for computing foliage, but adding to that the applied measure, which will then be included in the calculations.

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