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list project versions through API


is it possible to get a list of all available versions of a project through the API? It is possible to add or remove a version, change its description or set another version to active, but I can't find anything to list all versions of a project.

The reason I am asking is that I would like to be able to start a project from a script in a specific version, without having to open the tygron project first to see all available versions.

Kind regards,




  • Hi Gijs,

    the "projects" endpoint, as well as the IO event get-project-data, will both be able to provide details about projects, including a "versionMap" property which lists the available versions.

    Managing versions of a project can be done through IO events as well. You'll want to look at add-project-version, set-project-active-version, set-project-version-description, and remove-project version.

    Remember that adding a version can only be done if a session is running to save the data of, which will set a new active version as well.


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