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Can DSM be used to upload building heights for the 3D model?

For some areas in Malaysia, even if we click the "Use I3S Scenelayer for building height" option during project setup, there is no building height data available to show in 3D. In that case, can Tygron take in DSM instead of DTM to show building height? Thanks!


  • Hi,

    it is not possible during this step to change how the height of 3D structures are determined. However, it is possible to import 3D structures when the project has already been generated, by using the geo import wizard and opting to import either SLPK or CityJSON/CityGML. This will allow you to further enrich the project with 3D models according to your own specifications, even when the built-in project generation algorithm is unable to determine certain data for you.


  • Hi! Thank you for your answer. We currently have a DSM available in ASCII Format. However, we are unsure how to convert the ASCII DSM to the required format for the Tygron geo import (SLPK or CityJSON). Is there a manual somewhere on the wiki we could follow to convert the data to the correct format? Thank you!

  • Hi,

    You have an ascii file as a DSM. That sounds like a grid with height data. Such a grid can be converted to a geotiff and imported as such. The grid can then be used in a number of ways.

    It can be applied directly to the height map (although do take note that that would apply it as a DTM, not a DSM).

    You can add it as a geotiff Overlay, and use a combo overlay to determine only the locations where that data truely differs from what is already present in your project and filter out all other locations, leaving you with a grid with only desired changes to the DTM. That grid can then be applied to the height map.

    When doing water calculations, you can reference the geotiff via a geotiff overlay as the water overlay's prequel for the height map. You can then set the "design flood elevation" in the advanced options to 0, so all height is only derived from your DSM, and the height of buildings in the 3D world are no longer added on top of that.

    Would any of these routes work for you? Or otherwise, could you give more of a description of that the data entails, and what effects you wish to have or check in your project?


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