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Trees import

Dear Tygron support,

We recently tried to upload trees in .slpk format. We selected default deciduous tree as the building function. However, when uploaded they are represented as placeholders. Could you explain why this happens and how we can fix this problem?

With other buildings (see image) we encounter the opposite, the buildings are visualized as apartments, even though the function type placeholder is selected in the import process.

Keen to hear from you! Kind regards,



  • Hi Glenn,

    it looks like the trees were uploaded as 3D models, in which case the Tygron Platform's visualization is overridden by the specifically provided 3D model. These models should include both information on the geometry as well as the textures which must be applied to them. Looking at how the trees are imported, it may be that the textures were not loaded in correctly, or there is some Z-fighting with their faces. Try checking the 3D model in your modelling software and seeing whether there are any anomalies or artifacts in the model, and then try again.

    The structures in the back were loaded in as polygons, which means the Tygron Platform creates its own visualization based on the shape of the polygon, the properties of the structure related to height, and the selected function for the structure. The texture on the walls is in fact the correct texture for the placeholder function. You can verify this for yourself by, as a test, adding a construction manually and setting it to the "placeholder" type.


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