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Add event bundles to cinematic keypoints

Sometimes you want to trigger a specific event when playing a cinematic. For example to play a flooding overlay while the camera flies around an area:

Step 1. Create a cinematic or use an existing one.

Step 2. Create an event bundle by going to Future design - Event bundles and adding a new one.

Step 3. Add a Client Event with the lower right button.

Step 4. Select an event from the list, (bottom left menu) for example "show overlay"

Step 5. Choose the overlay you want to play from the Overlay ID dropdown menu and click "Commit". Make sure thet the Play timeframes is checked in case the overlay has timeframes.

Step 6. Go to your cinematic and select the Keypoint where you would like to start playing the overlay.

Step 7. Add the Event bundle you have just created from the dropdown list at the bottom.

The event bundle has now been added to that keyframe. So when the cinematic plays and when the cinematic reaches that particular keyframe, the event bundle will trigger. In effect it will play the Overlay which you have setup.

You can ofcourse make much more elaborate event bundles but we will leave that to your own imagination.

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