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Where is the "set_ground_water_tiff"

Hi support,

I used "setgroundwatertiff" (talking about the API) in my script , but this address doesn't seem to exist anymore. Where can I find set the groundwater tiff now with the API?



  • Hi Ward,

    as part of our continuous effort to make our Platform more versatile and powerful, we have replaced the ability to upload a specific GeoTiff directly to the Water Overlay with the ability to link the Water Overlay to another Overlay to provide the desired input. This means you can set the ground water based on a GeoTiff Overlay (and have the same functionality as before), but you could also use an Average Overlay, Combo Overlay, or even a different Water Overlay to compute the groundwater input dynamically.

    This functionality is known as "Prequels".

    You can use the following events to provide the data of a GeoTiff as input, as you were used to doing:.

    To add a GeoTiff Overlay:


    OverlayType: GEO_TIFF

    To have the GeoTiff Overlay display the data of a specific GeoTiff:


    ID: The GeoTiff Overlay's ID

    GeoTiff ID: The ID of the GeoTiff, as available as an asset in your Project

    To make a Water Overlay reference your GeoTiff Overlay for the groundwater levels:


    Overlay ID: The Water Overlay's ID

    Prequel Overlay ID: The GeoTiff Overlay's ID

    Prequel Type Name: either GROUND_WATER_DEPTH or GROUND_WATER_DATUM

    Timeframe: 0 (Unless you have added multiple GeoTiffs to the GeoTiff Overlay and want to use a specific one)

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