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Relative elevation change future design

Hi community,

I'm currently busy with different measurements to reduce water hindrance in a specific area. It is possible in the Current Situation to adapt the ground level in a "relative" way, handy if you want to keep a certain slope but want it all to be 1 meter lower. (Current Situation -> Terrain -> edit elevation model and select relative)

In future design I could not find this function, is there a workaround that anyone knows? Or even better, is it possible to give the height of 4 points and that Tygron then makes a plane in between.

Kind regards,



  • Hi Maarten,

    there are a few routes to approximate your intent.

    My primary recommendation is using a Prequel to determine the terrain height for your Water Overlay. Set the Prequel to point to a Combo Overlay, which in turn using a DTM heightmap Overlay for its input. This setup will effectively be the same as using the default height model. Next, you can add a GeoTiff Overlay, and upload a GeoTiff with the exact new DTM as you would want it. Finally, you can have the Combo Overlay check the value of a Global (or another Overlay), and have it apply either the original Height Map or the GeoTiff data, resulting in a different terrain model being offered to the Water Overlay.

    A simpler, but more crude method, would the the use of a Measure which applies a "Spatial". The "RAISE" spatial allows you to change the height of the elevation model, but also flattens across the indicated area, which is undesirable according to your description. However, with multiple spatials, or some tolerance in simplification, it may still provide a workable method.

    Finally, you could define a Levee Type with a height of -1, and set to "relative height". You can add and use that as an Action, or add a Levee to a Measure of that Levee Typre and pre-draw it in the intended location.

    Would any of these options work for you?


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