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Import Datum Height for all Culverts

Dear Tygron,

We recently built a digital twin of a future neighborhood to be developed. In this area all new waterways are modelled and connected with culverts. It seems that the Culvert Datum Height of all culvert is too high (above water line) by default. Therefore, we would like to lower the datum height of the culverts to allow more flow through the culverts. However, doing this for all culverts seperately and manually is too much work. Is there a way to import all culverts datum height at once (e.g. through CSV upload?)?

FYI: In the configuration wizard of the water overlay, we found a way to upload a csv, when checking the 'multi' checkbox in the culvert configuration (3.4.2), but in that case we run into the problem that we don't have a template csv with all culvert names in it. Making a csv manually with all culvert names also seems too much work. Is there a way to export a csv with all culvert names/codes?

Keen to hear from you!

Kind regards,


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