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Restricting the visualization of networks

When working with Networks in your project, especially in editor mode, you may find that the visualization of your networks distract from the rest of the 3D world. Especially when you have a complex and detailed arrangement of net lines and you zoom out.

It is now possible to deactivate the network visualization, visualizing them only when you activate a network Overlay. Go to Current Situation -> Networks -> Network Configuration-> General Settings, and activate the "Restrict visualization" option. The net lines will be hidden in the project.

After hiding them, if you want to see the networks again, add a network Overlay to your project. Network Overview is a great choice if you only want to visualize one network, even when you have multiple in your project.

It is also possible to create an Overlay which displays all your Networks. This can be done by co-opting the Network Distance overlay, and tweaking the legend. Add entries with negative values for each of your networks, with the appropriate name and color. Then ensure the highest entry is for value 0, the name of which is only a space, and the color is whatever background color you desire (black, white, or transparent are all great choices). The result is an overlay which displays the networks as you have come to expect, but now with a nifty legend as well!

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