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Tip: How to replace a project with a new version, while keeping the 'old' name without added number?

edited February 3 in Ideas/suggestions

Sometimes you want an existing project updated with new features/ improvements. When removing a project, and replacing it with a new project with the same name, usually a number is added to the new project name, as the old project remains available for a certian time in the trash bin.

To ensure that the new project version gets the original project name without the added number, the following steps will make that happen:

  1. Make a copy of 'projectA' with 'save as', and give it a name like 'projectA-new'.
  2. Adjust the new copy of the project as desired.
  3. Save, exit and log in again.
  4. Go to Options > Projects.
  5. Next to the old 'projectA' is an option to edit the projectname. Rename the project to 'projectA-old'.
  6. You can now remove the project to the trash bin, if desired.
  7. Now you can edit and rename the new project version to the original name 'projectA'.
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