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Tip: Workaround for importing Sketchup models in Tygron Geodesign Platform.

edited November 12 in General

Sketchup models do not come standard with a correct Geo location for import in the Tygron Platform. As a workaround, we use the CityEditor Geo plugin from 3dis ( when exporting the model in Sketchup as CityGML.

It is a paid plugin, but comes with a free evaluation period.

A quick How-to-guide:

Geodata wizard (icluding CityGML files):



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    removed duplicate post

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    I tried the ''A quick How-to-guide'' but it didn't work. The import removed all buildings and trees without loading the model. Is there a support line or any know issue that creates the problem?

  • Hi,

    How big is your model? Is it very complex, with lots of polygons, high LOD, or hi-res textures? Some models are quite a big hit on hardware resources, and can cause a hickup when uploading. This will look like all constructions are removed, but it just takes a really long time to redraw the 3D world, including the new model. CityGML is known to be a less-resourse-friendly model format...



  • It's a small 3D model made in 5 minutes (a white block wthout textures that functions as the building).

    Retried the steps multiple times with diferent models and on 3 diferent pc's, but the problems stay present.

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