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excel panel placement

We are trying to make alerts whenever new buildings are placed inside a specific area. It’s similar to zoning, but additionally we want to show the legal text as extra information to explain why building there may not possible.

We decided to do this with template excel panels, where panels pop up inside each 'attention area'. This works OK, but the attention areas can be large, or may consist out of more than one area. The result is that often the panel appears far from where the building is placed. Instead, we'd like the attention more on the newly placed buildings.

 We tried a method with the LOTPOLYGONS query inside the panel. We still have to find our panel in the area when it pops up, but we can cycle through affected buildings inside the panel. So next to showing the panels showing legal text, we want to highlight:

  • Any building
  • Inside specific (for example, Natuurnetwerk Nederland) areas
  • That is placed during planned/maquette state

So far we tried constructing the LOTPOLYGONS query like this:


In our projects, the 'MKP_BUILDINGS' attribute is an attribute that is created in most buildings and I'm using this as a way to select all buildings.

 It seems like the MAP_IS_MAQUETTE part is not executed, because it returns all polygons with MKP BUILDINGS inside the area, but it also includes existing ones present in the original/current state.

 Is something wrong with the query?

Can panels be placed more closely to the affected buildings instead of in the middle of an area?

Is there an alternative / better way to make alerts/text panels appear close to affected buildings?


  • Dear @Jasper Swager ,

    Thank you for posting your questions.

    About the query 'MAPISMAQUETTE': it is correct behavior that this query returns all planned construction + all constructions that remain untouched, it reflects the whole planned state of the project area. Is this what you run into, or do you remove any constructions with the attribute, but they still are returned with this query?

    The question about panel placement I will need to run by our 'panel specialist' when he is back in office. I will get back on this later.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Vincent,

    Thanks, indeed, I confused maquette with planned construction only. Is there a way to retrieve only the new, planned constructions (without untouched constructions) ?


  • edited September 14

    Hi @Jasper Swager,

    You could try something like:


    For the panel placement question I will get back to you later.

    Regards, Vincent

  • Hi @Jasper Swager,

    unfortunately at this time the positition of panels are defined at editing-time, rather than at planning time. This means that wherever they are placed (be it through setting their point or through templated generation), that's where they will remain.

    The only way at this time to better emphasize the relation between the panel and the intended building, is to use the LOTPOLYGONS query which you have found already, or to use smaller Areas upon which to generate your panels.

    Sprawling spreadsheets so intricate Alexander the Great cuts them in half.

  • Thanks for clearing up that positions are defined at editing time only. For now, we can work with the LOTPOLYGONS query and the ' STATE_IS_PENDING_CONSTRUCTION' suggestion from Vincent.


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