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Tip: Did you know you can create a GIF now??!!

edited August 2021 in Inspiration

With the new cool GIF creator that is integrated in the Tygron Platform it is possible to make a GIF of your project.

Amaze your audience during a presentation or make your post on social media extra attractive by adding a GIF of your project!

Go to the TOOLS tab ->hover over the screenshot option and select the create a GIF animation now option.

Especially when you have a dynamic overlay in your project or to demonstrate the shadow effect in the area of your new urban design, this option can have added value.

For an example of a GIF please check out this feature post on our website:

Are you enthousiastic and want to start creating a GIF yourself? Please check out this wiki page for all tips and tricks:

Kind regards,
Tygron support team

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