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Hide overlays


since there are the amazing combo overlays, some "middle" overlays are created just for calculations of final overlay.

So, is there a way to hide these overlays on the overlays menu?

Thank you!




  • edited July 20

    Hello @jpueyo ,

    At this time it is not possible to hide an overlay completely from the user. However, a way to prevent the intermediate overlays from cluttering up your interface is by setting them as child overlays of other overlays. As a convention, it is possible to create a combo overlay, and have all the overlays which only serve as input for that combo overlay to be child overlays of that combo overlay. In a pinch, you can have one Overlay specifically to "dump" all the partial-calculation overlays under.

     You can set an overlay to be a child overlay of another overlay by selecting it in the editor, and then checking the "Has parent" checkbox. Then, in the dropdown below it, select the overlay you want this overlay to be a child of (i.e. your combo overlay). 

    Note that;

    An overlay can not both have a parent overlay (and thus be a child overlay), and be itself a parent of other overlays.

    Making an overlay a child of another overlay does not affect the way the overlay calculates.

    The selection of the overlay you are changing may disappear when checking the "has parent" checkbox. The overlay will have been automatically made a child of the Default/City overlay. You can find it under there, to continue your action.

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Hi, thank you.

    Yes, this is my current solution, indeed. However, I'm trying to do some complex calculations that involve several overlays, so I was just wondering.



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