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Import Geodata with the API


I would like to add areas to my project with the API. In my case it concerns the map CBS Bestand Bodemgebruik (2012). I think this should be possible via the following web address: But before I can do that, I have to add a new source to the project first.

I think I should do that here: But then I get stuck. I understand what I have to enter in the first field, but I just don't know what kind of geo-format it is. And I also need help with the other two fields. I cannot trace the input for the other two fields from the Tygron interface.



  • Hey Ward,

    How the geo import works in the Client application:

    While it ís possible to import data directly from a geo service using the Tygron Platform Client application, it is not a function which is part of the API directly. What the software does in the geo import wizard is that the Client application connects to a WFS and retrieves relevant data from that service. During that process, the user is prompted to indicate which features and attributes they deem relevant, to determine a naming scheme and, if relevant, assign a mapping between the data itself and the function types or terrain types of the Tygron Platform. When the wizard reaches the final step, the Client application transforms the data obtained from the WFS into the correct parameters for the import event you have indicated.

    To clarify, the services which may be added during the geo import wizard are merely small packets of names and urls, which point in the direction of a data source. The Client application then uses that information to know which services to connect to. But that connection is made between the Client application and the WFS itself. It is only when the wizard is completed that the data is transformed to conform to the parameters required by the import event, and an actual instruction is sent to the Tygron Platform itself via the import event.

    How to import via the API:

    This means that each client connecting to the Tygron Platform should prepare the data in a similar fashion. Both the Client application Tygron offers, as well as scripts and applications written externally, should themselves retrieve the data from whichever source they desire, transform it to conform to the import event, and then call the import event with that data.

    Additional note for your consideration:

    I would also like to add that the import event is compact, but also a little terse. All information must be provided in 1 go, so the external application (our Client application included) bears responsibility to prepare the data correctly in one go. You may also use the events "ADD" (to create one or multiple Areas at once), "SET ATTRIBUTES" (to set multiple attributes among multiple Areas at once), and "ADD POLYGONS" (to set the polygons of multiple Areas at once), which may provide a few more steps at which to check your data and your responses.

    Please let us know if this is sufficient information for the intent of your application.

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