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Landsize of area with just buildings

Hi hi,

Is there a query to determine the area [m²] of area that contains a building (not roads and gardens)? I tried the Catetegory, but it would mean I'd have to ask for multiple categories. Works probably, but is there a faster option?


Thank you.



  • edited February 16

    Hi Ward,

    Every building has a BAG_ID attribute (see below), so you can use that to filter the buildings from the roads, gardens and other objects in the Platform.


    Tygron support team

  • Hi Godelief,

    Thank you for your answer. However, your sollution is fine, but it doenst help me. Perhaps I should post my follow-up question as a new question, do tell me if I have to.

    I am trying to make an overview of the PET temperature for an area. So, in oder to do so, I ask TYGRON 5 questions, one for each temperature limit (shown in the query below with an i).

    SELECT..LANDSIZE..WHERE..AREA..IS .. (id area) .. AND..GRID..IS .. (id overlay PET) .. AND..MINGRIDVALUE..IS .. (i)

    After subtracting the next value from each value, I get a surface for each temperature (i). (The landsize with mingridvalue of 1 minus the mingridvalue of 23, mingridvalue of 23 minus the landsize of 29, ect.)

    But I would like to convert this area to a percentage. A percentage of the specific area. Therefore I also request the landsize of ​​my specific area

    SELECT..LANDSIZE..WHERE..AREA..IS .. (id area)

    However, the sum of the different perceived temperatures was not 100%. And after looking carefully at the grid (overlay Heat stress) I saw that the buildings had no value (NA). Hence my previous question if I could query the surface of just the buildings.


    I did that and substracted that surface from the surface of the specific area. Unfortunately, the sum is still not 100% (but rather 85%), see my table below. What am I missing? Could it be that not only buildings, but also other objects are not included in the outcome of the PET analysis?

  • Hi Ward,

    Water terrain is also not included in the calculation of the Heat stress. If you also query the landsize of water in your project and add that to the other values, do you then get 100% ?

    Tygron support team

  • Hi Godelief,

    No, still not a 100%. Below the area I am checking. And below the image my results.

    I did look at the grid again (overlay Heat stress). And not sure if this is related but there is some terrain (in this case grass) that does not have a PET.

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