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Upgrades (Buildings not improvable)


In a Paris set up for educational purposes, I am trying to upgrade some buildings using the action (Flat roofs -> Green roofs) but even if I own or buy the building, it indicates that the building is not improvable. I remember in one of the discussion, it was said that we cannot improve new buildings but this is not the case here. Do you think it may be related to the simulation of the buildings, which are from the start considered as modern or new and therefore not improvable?

Thank you in advance for your help!


  • edited February 16

    Dear NG,

    Thank you for your post!

    I understand what you mean. I think you need to create new pairs in the upgrade actions in oder to be able to upgrade this building. So it has nothing to do with the building being a new or modern building.

    In this video you can see how this can be done.

    Also on our wiki (see the link below this video) you can see how you can create new pairs for upgrades.

    Tygron EN Geodesign Platform | Actions, Measures and Upgrades Webinar

    I hope this helps you.

    Can you please let us know if this worked out for you?

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Dear Hansje,

    Thank you very much for your quick reply. So, I have followed the process explained in your video but I think the main problem is that all the buildings are defined as "Placeholders" and not "education buildings" or any other type, which might prevent me from creating pairs if there is no existing type or Placeholder type. What is your opinion about it? Do you know how I can assign a type for each building? or how (if it is possible) to make a specific pair (Placeholder and Placeholder green roofs)?

    Thank you in advance

  • Hello NG,

    I have created an example for you. You can also create a pair with placeholders. And you can add a new placeholder green roof in the function values table (duplicate or add). For this new function "placeholder green roof" you can adjust the roofcolor and some of the relevant function values in order to have different oucomes in the indicators when you actually use this upgrade in your project.

    Does this answer your question?

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Good evening Hansje,

    Thank you very much for your explanation! It works indeed. Here is the result:

    Thank you again for your help,

    Best regards,


  • I'm happy to hear this worked out for you! And thanks you for sharing a pic of your project! Always nice to see what people are working on :)

    It looks very good!!

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

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