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Queries with the Ownership Overlay


Im trying the combo overlay for the fist time. I'd like to select the Ownership Overlay, but it doens't show. I also checked the Grid's in the TQL (picture below), but I can't select it there either. Does this have to do with the Ownership Overlay (or is it me...).


  • Hi @Ward van Laatum ,

    The reason you cannot select the Ownership Overlay in the TQL Query tool or in the Combo Overlay is because the Ownership overlay is not a Grid overlay. You can check if an overlay is a Grid overlay by checking if there is a Grid cell size noted in the right panel when you have selected an overlay. What are you trying to show with the Combo Overlay? Maybe there is a workaround to get the result you want.

    Tygron support team

  • Hi Godelief,

    Ah, okay. Thank you. I'd like to get the average heatstress (PET) for a specific area, but I'd like to make a distinction between the different owners. Below is how far I got....but i'm missing the last part to make the distinction.

  • edited February 9

    Hi Ward,

    As a workaround you can do the following steps:

    1. Export the Plots data from the Platform (Current Situation --> Plots --> Export Geo data). Now you have a GeoJSON file with the ownership area data (plots).
    2. Then you can import the data again as areas. Choose for the naming of the areas the Owner attribute in the Geo data wizard. In your TQL query you can refer to the ownership area by name and add an attribute to your area of interest and refer to it by the AREA_WITH_ATTRIBUTE part.

    If you would like to have a more generic query, then you can also do the following.

    In a GIS, add the name of the owner with a value of 1 to the areas. For example if an area has as owner Bedrijf, then add the attribute BEDRIJF with a value of 1 to the area. We have to do this step, since it is not possible to import attributes with text values into the Platform. Then import the data as areas. In your TQL query you can then refer to the ownership areas with an attribute. See the example below:

    I hope the explanation is clear. Does any of these workarounds work for you?

    Tygron support team

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