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Water balace


Is it possible to acces the Water balance in the API? And if yes, what would be the URL. I am especially interested in the Sewer Out External.



  • Hi @Ward van Laatum ,

    Yes it is possible to access the water balance via the API on the Preview.

    Go to the Tools tab > then click on API overview > Content items and then at the bottom click on Water values.

    Here you will see the contents of the water balance panel listed.

    Tygron support team

  • Hey @Godelief,

    Thank you, found it. But as usual I have a follow-up question. I'd like to have SEWEROUTEXTERNAL for a specific area. Is this possible? Or how would I calculate it?

    I used the default value for the SEWERPUMPSPEED (0). And I kind of assumed there was no water leaving the sewer at all.

  • Hi @Ward van Laatum ,

    Not sure if I understand your question correctly, but you can also find the Sewer Out External also in the water balance panel, so you don't have to calculate it. Is this an answer to your question?

    Tygron support team

  • Hey hey,

    Hmmm no. Sorry, let me explain it better. I start with an area, the area of interest, and i'd like to make a water balance specificly for that area.

    If I understand correctly, the waterbalance in Tygron, it is about the In's and Out's for the entire map or project. And I am only instersted in a specific area.

    So, in the picture below, I'd like to have the sewer_out_external for the area in green.

    I hope this makes more sense.

  • edited February 2

    Hi Ward,

    The water balance is linked to the calculation area of the Water Overlay (see step 1 op the Water Overlay Wizard).

    There are basically two options:

    1. In step 1 of the Water Overlay Wizard choose as calculation area your area of interest. You can either select the calculation area based on water level areas or on another area (your area of interest). Then the water balance will be specifically for your calculation area.
    2. Other option: if you are only interested in the sewer out external you can also create a sewer area which is your area of interest. Then create a sewer overflow for that sewer area and give it a name. In the water balance you can see the sewer out external with the corresponding name for your area of interest (sewer area).

    Tygron support team

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