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Getting insight into the water storage value of constructions

 There are various ways to get a better insight into the amount of water that is stored by construction during a rainfall event. This method describes how queries can offer you some help in finding this out.

For example, you placed a “Flat with water roof’’ in your project with a lot size of 2000m2 and water storage in its details of 0,02 m3/m2. The amount of water the building can store can be obtained using the following query:


The return of this query will then be a storage of 40m3, but in case the rainfall event didn’t fill the complete storage using a target query can help in conveniently finding out the buffer that is still being unused.

When multiplying the rainfall with the lotsize of the building the amount of rain received is calculated. Subtracting this amount by the storage of the building will show you the available buffer space. Adding a SELECT_TARGET_WHERE_INDICATOR_IS_ID query to your excel will make it possible to fill in the m rainfall in your project without changing your excel logs, when reset to start values your new calculated quantities should pop up. 

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