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Distance zone conditioned to building surface


I'm back with a new defying challenge. XD

At this moment, I have an indicator counting the proportion of houses closer than 100 metres to a green area (excel attached).

However, following the recommendations from WHO, only green areas larger than 0.5 ha should be considered for this indicator. So, my question is how can I define an indicator that only considers houses closer than 100 metres to a green area larger than 0.5 ha. Considering that players may built new green areas (larger or not than 0.5 metres), I cannot know in advance which functions or buildings should be considered by the distance grid.

What I can guess is defining a new condition for the grid. At this moment, grid considers all buildings that fulfil the condition "DISTANCE_GREEN > 0". A condition like "LAND_SURFACE > 5000" should be added to previous condition.


  • Hi Joseph,


    I’ve looked into your question and for now came with a possible direction in which your solution may be.

    In an empty project, I’ve created forest areas of several sizes and thereby added a new attribute, I’ve called it GREEN, as function value. For this option I’ve looked into the gridvalue and the relation to the function size. The attribute values are equal per building or forest. When using the average overlay with a 100m cell average distance on the attribute “green”, the grid values variates depending on the lotsize of the building or forest. When looking closer at these grid values you can make an distinction between the forest sizes and the associated grid size . And therby only select the houses that are in the grid with an minimum value. Hereby the value obtained from your query is dependent on the grid size that you are using in your project.


  • Hereby, the image as attached in the post above

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