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Keyboard shortcuts

edited November 11 in Editor

Did you know you can use keyboard shortcuts to work faster with the Tygron Platform?

Instead of using the appropriate buttons in the Editor, use the shortcuts to, for example, copy and duplicate Areas, remove Buildings or switch to a different menu.

During a presentation, the combination CTRL + 0 is useful to start the Free camera. With the Free camera, you can show the 3D model from different perspectives. Use CTRL + 9 to return to the normal camera.

Free camera navigation mode.

See our wiki for the full list of keyboard shortcuts.

Tygron support team



  • edited November 17

    Thank you @Godelief for your post about the keyboard shortcuts!

    In addition, now we also have a video in which some shortcuts are demonstrated.

    @Len Geisler , @Thijs Visser, @Jesse Jager and @Andy.arcadis is this something you are going to use?

    Maybe you know more people you can tag in order to share this awsome and convenient improvement?

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

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