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Total amount of water infiltrated

Hi Support,

I'd like to know how much water is infiltrated after a certain amount of time. How do I do this?

I have an area called PLANGEBIED. I have a groundwateroverlay with the resulttype Ground Last Storage and attribute called GRONDWATERBERGING45MM (and 11 timeframes).

This is how far I got with my query:


I think this should give me the last storage, being the effective amount of water in the underground unsaturated zone. I am not sure if this is in [m] or in [m³]. The Ground Last Storage is in [m], but since I asked fot the grindvolume I might already have the amount in [m³].

Also when I use the measure tool at certain location in my area PLANGEBIED i get the following result. What I get from this is that the last storage can also go down. So....I guess I did not ask the right query.

So, to conclude, what do I need to query to get what I want. What do I need to ask to get the total amount of water infiltrated [m³].


  • Hi @Ward van Laatum,

    Your query seems to be right. Since you ask the gridvolume, the result is indeed in m3. I don't know what outcomes you got in relation to the graph, but the gridvolume is the surface area multiplied by the average grid value on that surface. That can explain the difference.

    Also, when you check the Water balance, the amount for Underground Unsaturated Storage should be the same amount as the outcome of the following query:


    Tygron support team

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