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Tip: Help! I can not find my just saved project to load again! What to do?

In case you have just saved your project and exited the platform (save on exit), it can happen that, when you log in again, you are unable to find your project you just saved, to load into the editor.

This can happen when a project has rather complex calculations, or just many calculations over all (ie; many gridcells or many excel files implemented). In case you just saved and the project does not show up in the editor of projects to load, please try the following first:

  • Look for your project under the 'join' option in the editor section. There is a chance that the project already was exited from the client, but is still saving its calculations on the server.

In case your missing project does not show up to join either, you can post a ticket in Freshdesk, so that one of our support technicians can investigate if your project data has become corrupt by accident.

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