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Query for all timeframes


Is it possible to make a query for a panel to get the results of all the different timeframes?

For example, I am interested in the GRIDVOLUME of a certain overlay (GRONDWATERBERGING45MM). There are 12 timeframes. I tried the following (see query below) and it worked, but I only got one result. Using the XA-statement does not work in this case.

Also, is it possible to select the last timeframe, by using "n" for instance? Reason here is that I am trying to make a generic panel for projects that could give me the last value. The timeframes of the different projects might change, but I still would like to get the value of the last timeframe. I hope I explaned this somewhat clear and that this all makes sense.



  • edited July 2020

    Hi Ward,

    A far as I can determine, at this time using a GRID_WITH_ATTRIBUTE causes some ambiguity in the correct amount of TIMEFRAME results. Given the use-case, I've passed this along internally. For now, if possible, use the GRID_IS clause instead, as that query will allow the TIMEFRAME_IS_X query to report for all of that grid's timeframes.

    To get the last timeframe of an overlay, simply exclude the "timeframe" clause. As a conceptual reminder, since you are querying the results of a calculation. if would make sense to, unless otherwise specified, get the final results of the sequence. Otherwise they would't be results so much as intermediate step.

    This particular behavior is also documented on our wiki:

  • Hey Rudolf,

    Thank you. I managed to use both your solutions and they work great. If it would be possible to have the combination GRID_WITH_ATTRIBUTE and x for TIMEFRAME available too, that would be very nice. I usually work with different overlays, so I use the function GRID_WITH_ATTRIBUTE quite often.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi @Ward van Laatum ,

    In the latest release on the Preview server, support for TIMEFRAME IS X in combination with GRID WITH ATTRIBUTE is added.

    Tygron support team

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