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green facades

hello reader,

For a project about heatstress i have to add green facades in a street. Does anyone know how you can adjust facades to plant based or green facades.

Best Answer

  • edited June 9 Accepted Answer

    Hello Hvhl,

    In order to do so, it's best to create a new function first. See the Wiki:

    In the function values table you can set the Group Filter to Visualization and then for the new function change the colors of the top, extra and ground color to a green color. For the colors in the Platform a color code is used. To find the right color code you can add a new Area and give it the color you want to use for the facades. Then copy and paste this color code into the function values table for the top, extra and ground color.

    In the function values table you can then set the Group Filter to Environment and adjust the Green space attribute so that it also counts with the green facades. This attribute is for example used in the heat stress overlay. Read more about it here:

    The new feature can be added as an Upgrade to the action menu to improve facades.

    Let us know if this helps you!



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